Episode 02 | September 15, 2018

Stress Less

Cathy Hawk | Lauren E. Miller

Episode 2 features two nationally renowned women in corporate and personal coaching with proven tips on reducing stress and achieving personal excellence.

Hosts Betsy Wiersma and Rhonda Sheya interview Cathy Hawk, founder of Clarity International. Cathy has coached over 3000 business and community leaders to success using her Clarity of Thought, Clarity of Vision, and Clarity of Conscious Action method of personal development. Cathy shares her secrets to achieving Clarity of Thought—the first step to reducing stress. Download Cathy’s free gift below  “Principles of Clarity Living.”

Lauren E. Miller bring her truths to the discussion on stress having conquered two of life’s top stressors at the same time—advanced cancer and divorce. Lauren, who is Google’s No. 1 stress relief expert, is also an award-winning author and national speaker.  Start getting the “best YOU on” with a free copy of Lauren’s “10 Stress Solutions You Can Use Now. (See the link below.)

Want to help make a difference in the world? Co-host Rhonda Sheya talks about Camp Wapiyapi, a summer camp for children facing pediatric cancer and offered at no cost to families. Learn how you can help Camp Wapiyapi. Plus, Betsy and Rhonda’s Good Times segment will plug you into women’s organizations and events throughout the region.

Download Principles of Clarity Living from Cathy Hawk
Download “10 Stress Solutions You Can Use Now”
Cathy Hawk
Cathy HawkClarity International
Lauren E. Miller
Lauren E. MillerStress Solutions
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