Episode 03 | September 29, 2018

Boost Your Life

Susan Frew | Jessica Smith

Episode 3 is all about how to Boost Your Life!

Join hosts Betsy Wiersma and Rhonda Sheya for an interview with Susan Frew, business owner and public speaker. On this week’s Good Works segment, Susan shares how her strategies for success can help you.

In the You Thought You Knew segment, Jessica Smith from Goodwill Denver talks about the lasting legacy Goodwill has left on the local community and the exciting October events celebrating Goodwill’s 100 years in the community.

During the Good News segment, Betsy Wiersma recaps the events of this fall’s Camp Experience fundraising success and the events enjoyed by all of the Camp Sisters at the annual retreat.

Plus, Betsy and Rhonda’s Good Times segment will plug you into women’s organizations and events throughout the region.

Susan Frew
Susan Frew Sunshine Heating & Plumbing
Jessica Smith
Jessica SmithGoodwill Industries of Denver
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