Episode 06 | November 10, 2018 | Holiday Survival Guide

Joneen Mackenzie | Cyna Milinazzo | Gerri Kier

— Episode 6 is your Holiday Survival Guide; from relationships to healthy eating, plus inspiration for good works and some holiday shopping cheer we are here to help you survive and thrive this season!

Joneen Mackenzie

The Center for Relationship Education

· Making Relationships Work ·

Joneen Mackenzie is the Founder of The Relationship Center for Education, an organization committed to helping people strengthen their relationships. In a pre-recorded video for this show, Joneen breaks down the importance of strengthening relationships during the holidays and shares her tips on how you can improve them this year!


My Relationship Center

Gerri Kier

Complete Nutrition Alliance & Education Elevated

Gerri Kier shares stories from her amazing adventure and good works on her recent 5-week journey to Nepal. The mission of Education Elevated is to support and promote education and to eliminate economic barriers in primary and secondary schools in needy communities throughout the world.  Education Elevated achieves this through hiking and climbing teams who raise financial support for every foot of elevation they climb.

Gerri is also the founder of Complete Nutrition Alliance, also shares her advice on how to stay healthy this holiday season! Gerri’s motto is “mobility is the currency of life.” You won’t want to miss the expert advice of a certified natural health provider and digestive health specialist!


Education Elevated
Complete Nutrition Alliance

Cyna Milinazzo

Metro North Chamber

Cyna Milinazzo catches us up on what is new and exciting with Metro North Chamber. Plus, she shares her own success story as the founder of Liberty Communications.

(720) 399-0233

Metro North Chamber
Liberty Communications
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