Episode 10 | January 5, 2019

The Big Idea Show

Christine Harris | Chris Natzke | Christy Belz

Boost Power Radio Episode 10 features three amazing guests to kick off the New Year. Christine Harris, Chris Natzke, and Christy Belz are here with expert advice on big ideas for the new year!

Starting the show off in our Good News segment, our hosts interview Christine Harris. Christine is a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Licensed Massage Therapist, and Certified Bioenergetic Therapist. Christine’s goal is to help you connect mind, body, and spirit. She shares how living fully in your entire being will create unlimited opportunities for a vibrant life! Christine is proof herself! At 50, she is a self-proclaimed badass biker chic, last year riding a 1000-mile Colorado Backcountry Discovery ride.

In the You Thought You Knew segment, host Betsy Wiersma talks about visioning for 2019.  Visioning is a helpful tool to set your course for the New Year. Plus, it is a great resource to ensure that you stick to those pesky new year’s resolutions. To build on the visioning process Betsy has an upcoming event in January you won’t want to miss! The Life On Purpose Success 2019 Workshop offers two sessions on January 12th, morning and afternoon. The workshop, designed to help you launch 2019 in style and with purpose, will focus on you and your dreams. Space is limited! Register today at CampExperience™ Network

In the Good News segment, Chris Natzke shares his big idea for how to have the best 2019…try giving gratitude a try! Chris has taken his mastery of Taekwondo and all that he’s learned in his four decades as a dedicated student and teacher and transitioned them into a successful motivational speaking career. See the link below for a $200 Discount on Chris’s 90-Minute Strategic Visioning Session for 2019. Register today! Offer expires January 15, 2019.

Chris also talks about his upcoming event Uplift Him: Masculine Leadership Initiative, scheduled for March 2, 10 am -12 pm at Parker Adventist Hospital.  The event’s goal is to empower moms to connect with their sons about healthy sexuality. Geared to mothers with sons ages 12 and up, there will be four guest speakers focused on topics designed to help a young man grow into an empowered, confident, and healthy adult. For more information, visit Uplift Him. Please spread the word to anyone who you may feel could benefit from such an important conversation.

In the Good Times segment, empowerment coach Christy Belz talks about her successful journey and how she helps people reach their full potential. Her mission is to help you stop holding yourself back and live your best life. Christy has worked with many clients on their varied journeys of discovery and empowerment.

In this show, Christy shares her work with one particular client, Dafna Michaelson Jenet, and Dafna’s experience with loss and grief. Miscarriage is often an unmentioned or non-discussed experience that can feel isolating and discouraging. Christy worked with Dafna to overcome the dark feelings and accept the loss of her unborn child. Dafna was, in turn, able to unblock her creative self and funnel her energy into a book titled “Peanuts Legacy,” a memoir about her miscarriage. For more on both Dafna and Christy’s journey on strategies to recover from grief, listen to the podcast,  How to Recover from Grief, recorded in December 2017, at Setting the Stage, a women’s concert and networking event in Denver, CO.

As always for more good times around the community please visit us at  CampExperience™ Network Events. 

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