Episode 11 | January 19, 2019

The Women Who Rock Show

Jessica Hudgins-Smith | Lynette Hays | Marla Smith

Boost Power Radio Episode 11 features dynamic women who are uplifting other women throughout our community! Jessica Hudgins-Smith is back with a special guest from Goodwill Denver to talk about National Mentoring Month and your opportunity to get involved! Also, Lynette Hays discusses your path the financial empowerment and Marla Smith shares tips for developing your authentic style for a huge confidence boost. Don’t miss our Women Who Rock Show.

Starting the show off in our Good News segment, our hosts talk with Jessica Hudgins-Smith and April Garcia from Goodwill Denver. April is the 2019 winner of the Family Strengthening Award. Hear her powerful journey and how Goodwill has helped her find success.

Goodwill offers the community so much more than their thrift stores. Listen as Jessica Hudgins-Smith highlights the Career Plus Mentoring, Summer Bridge Mentoring, and Single Event Mentoring Programs. Goodwill needs volunteers for these programs. January is National Mentoring Month! Learn More About Volunteering.

In our Good Works segment, Lynette Hays joins the hosts to discuss empowering women and women in power. Lynette is a financial service professional with New York Life, America’s largest mutual life insurance company. Her primary goal in business is helping women empower themselves and understanding what they own. With that understanding, the possibilities are endless. In addition to Lynette’s financial empowerment work, she is a fierce competitor in triathlons, having competed in over 20 different triathlon competitions—including 5 Olympic races and 4 Ironman races!

In the Good Times segment, Marla Smith from Elements of Style shares how she uses Feng Shui and style to help women find renewed self-confidence. Through this holistic approach to consulting, Marla will help you find an image that reflects who you truly are. Marla explains how being authentic inside and out, shifts your presence to one of confidence. Learn more about her services with the link to her website below. Plus enjoy the special gift offered exclusively to Boost Listeners; 20% off one of her packages.

As always for more good times around the community please visit us at  CampExperience™ Network Events. 

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