Episode 12 | February 2, 2019 | Heart Month

LaQuetta Walker | Leslie Klink | Julie Nygard | Gina Schreck

— Episode 12 is our kick off to Heart Month. This show brings together four strong women to share their uplifting and heart-warming journeys in their respective fields. LaQuetta Walker is here representing Mile High United Way to discuss the 2-1-1 program. Leslie Klink of Closet Factory shares her expertise on living large in small spaces. Julie Nygard, The Chocolate Therapist is tempting our sweet tooth, and Gina Schreck discusses her newly published book and her top tips to marketing success.

LaQuetta Walker

Mile High United Way

Get Connected · Get Answers

LaQuetta Walker, an accomplished Social Worker whose path led her to Mile High United Way because of her interest in providing more indirect services to help improve access and knowledge of health and human services. LaQuetta is spreading the word about the 2-1-1 services. Every year it helps tens of thousands of local community members navigate the complex web of resources ranging from childcare, tax preparation, and basic needs like food, shelter, and rental assistance.

2-1-1 is a free, multilingual and confidential service that connects individuals with the resources and information they need in a more manageable fashion. Available Monday- Friday 8am-5pm via phone, chat, text, and walk in services at 711 Park Ave. West, Denver, CO 80205.

Dial 211 or Text Your Zip Code to 898-211


Leslie Klink

Closet Factory

The Art of Organization

In the Good News segment Leslie Klink from Closet Factory joins us to share how to live large in small spaces. Many times we feel confined and/or defined by the space we live in, Leslie and the team at Closet Factory want to make sure that everyone loves their space and can break free from that confinement. This starts with defining the purpose of your space and then adjusting it to getting the most out of it. For a new space for your new year, don’t miss Leslie’s $500 discount in the link below! Plus a free consultation if you mention Boost Power Radio!


Closet Factory
$500 Discount – Free Design Consultation

Julie Nygard

The Chocolate Therapist

Julie Nygard is here just in time for Valentines Day to let you in on the secret…chocolate can actually be good for you! All in moderation of course and not just any chocolate; there is a big difference between the chocolate she is making at The Chocolate Therapist shop in Littleton, CO and those candy bars at the check out line. She shares with us what all the benefits are, how much is recommended for a daily maximum, plus how she got started and grew her business so successfully.


The Chocolate Therapist

Gina Schreck


Gina Schreck joins our hosts to discuss how to stay relevant in your business in 2019 and share in a few laughs. Gina is CEO of SocialKNX and a marketing and advertising wizard. She brings her unique vision and focus on how to create a thriving marketing campaign for 2019 and beyond. Her top tips are to learn your competition…keep you friends close and your enemies closer (any Godfather Fans?) Don’t be afraid to explore and be sure to stay tech savvy and out front.


Social KNX
24 Life Hacks
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