//Episode 13 | February 16, 2019 | Heart Month x 2

Episode 13 | February 16, 2019 | Heart Month x 2

Kim Riemer | Dr. Steve Sniadach | Susan Aberbook | Megan Burtt

— Episode 13 continues our focus on Heart Month. This episode brings four people together dedicated to helping you live a healthier life with peace of mind. Kim Riemer from Colorado Heart and Vascular shares how to stay ahead of heart issues for women, and what can be done if you recognize any of the risk factors. Dr. Steve Sniadach from Age Management MD shares their vision of a proactive and preventive approach to medicine for an aging population, and how new breakthroughs in medicine can be the solution to live better and avoid surgery. Susan Aberbook from Legal Shield shares a simple solution for small business owners and individuals who want readily available legal advice, while not paying the high cost of attorney fees. Megan Burtt, acclaimed singer and songwriter shares what she has been up to over the past year and new music off her recently released album.

Kim Riemer, NP

Colorado Heart and Vascular – St. Anthony’s North Health Campus

Kim Riemer delves into the key issues women are facing with their heart health. Many symptoms go un-recognized and under treated; she shares a few ways to be more in-tune with your body and what you should do if you notice any of the key signs or risk factors. Throughout February there are events hosted by St. Anthony North Health Campus that spotlight different aspects of heart health.



Dr. Steve Sniadach

Age Management MD

Dr. Steve Sniadach joins our hosts to discuss what new medicines and approaches have come to Age Management MD. Aging with style and quality of life is what everyone strives for, and they are here to help. Stem Cell Therapy is the hot new trend in medicine, but it is important to know if it’s right for you. The doctors at AMMD are specialists committed to educating their patients and working with them to decipher their own unique health puzzle and create an effective plan. Join the doctors at AMMD and CampExperience for an Open House on February 21st at 5pm to learn more.


Age Management MD

Susan Aberbook

Legal Shield

Susan Aberbook with Legal Shield, shows us an inventive approach to providing legal coverage for all. In a world where everything is transitioning towards subscription services, why not your legal needs? Sign up for a monthly plan that fits your needs and have an entire law firm by your side. Life can be unpredictable but with Legal Shield you’ll be protected every step of the way.


Legal Shield

Megan Burtt

New Album – The Bargain

Fresh off of a year full of adventures Megan Burt is back in town and with us to share new music and what it has been like branching out into producing. Pick up a copy for your self here Bargain by Megan Burtt or search for it on itunes.


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