Episode 14, March 2, 2019

Move Well

Angela Carlson | Ingrid Pyka | Michelle Wendling

Boost Power Radio Episode 14 expands on our health focus and is centered on Move Well. This episode features three dynamic guests, each with a unique perspective on helping you achieve your goals, stay active, and grow into the person you want to be.  You won’t want to miss this exciting episode for moving well into spring!

In our Good Works segment, Angela Carlson shares her story on how Reb3l Fitness, a female-founded fitness program, grew out of an amazing friendship and the desire to help others find and stay on their path to better physical and mental health. Reb3l Fitness is challenging the status quo with their energetic and upbeat workouts focused on a healthy lifestyle, good feelings, and self-confidence—all in a convenient online platform with easy access from wherever your busy life takes you.

Dr. Ingrid Pyka from IBP Consulting is featured in our You Thought You Knew segment. Listen in for Ingrid’s story on her own successful transition from veterinarian to coach by helping others master their own success. Ingrid teaches that taking the time to STOP and understand what you have rather than what you don’t have is a transformative key to your mental health and peace of mind. By knowing where you are and what you have, you are on your way where you want to be. With these philosophies, Ingrid has helped individuals and business alike achieve success.

In our Good News segment, Dr. Michelle Wendling, owner of All Seasons Chiropractic Sustainable Health Center, shares her best tips from her 28 years of experience working on the human body and developing a program for sustainable health. Dr. Wendling’s passion is to teach you how to achieve and sustain your optimum health. Dedicated to her patients, she is always seeking the latest information and modalities for effective treatment plans. In addition, Dr. Wendling has spent the last decade mentoring other chiropractors to improve patient education, streamline their practices, and ensure their own success.

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