Episode 15 | March 30, 2019

Spring Fashion

Dr. Lynn Hellerstein | Susan Frew | Kim McGrigg | Maria Mora

Boost Power Radio Episode 15 jumps into spring with four guests offering fresh new ways to begin the season. Discover new journeys. Find the passion that drives you forward. Have some spring fun with an affordable fashion experience that benefits an important women’s cause in the Denver metro area.

Dr. Lynn Hellerstein, co-founder of Hellerstein & Brenner Vision Center P.C., joins our hosts to discuss her work in the field of vision and learning challenges. As an optometrist, Dr. Hellerstein has demonstrated that optometry goes beyond simply fitting a new pair of glasses. She has been treating children and adults with learning and reading disorders, visual processing disorders, and brain injuries for over 40 years. Dr. Hellerstein’s passion and dedication to enhancing success in learning with improved vision led to her award-winning book, “See It, Say It, Do It!”

Susan Frew, President of Sunshine Heating and Air, and Kim McGrigg from the Metro North Chamber share the details of the upcoming Thriftinista Shopping Experience, a benefit to support the Period Kits. Period Kits is dedicated to raising funds to provide dependable and consistent access to necessary products for menstruating women in need in the Denver metro area. Period Kits has set a goal to distribute 1,000 kits in 2019. Each kit includes 40 tampons, 20 liners, 20 pads, 20 personal wipes and a package of 6 underwear. Join this worthwhile shopping adventure bus tour at the Metro North Chamber Conference Room, April 13 at 12 pm for visits to ARC, Goodwill, and Queen Esther’s Closet until 5 pm.

Listen in as Betsy Wiersma presents an interview with Maria Mora, Associate Director of Administration for A+ World Academy. Maria shares her story of growing up in Venezuela, attending college in the United States, and finding her dream career of traveling the world. Maria’s education was the platform that provided her the opportunity to travel the world meeting new people and experiencing new cultures. A+ World Academy, a high school education program, is a shipboard classroom sailing the globe. The students work aboard ship, learn to sail, perform service work in varying ports of call, and maintain their classroom curriculum.

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