Episode 16 | April 13, 2019 | Go Big!

Brittani Coury | Belinda Sousa | CampExperience | Camp Wapiyapi

— Episode 16

Brittani Coury

US Olympic Athlete – Paralympic Snowboarder

Brittani Coury lives her life as an adventure seeker. She found her passion for snowboarding when she was 13 years old. In December of 2003 she fell and broke her right ankle while snowboarding. Plagued with complications and repeated injuries to the area she was faced with the looming possibility of having to give up her adventurous lifestyle and put an end to snowboarding.

She made the decision to have her leg amputated. In June of 2011 she underwent the surgery to have her right leg amputated from below the knee.

To many what seemed like an end, she saw only a beginning. After a 10-year break from snowboarding she was able to get back at it and in 2017 landed a spot on the US National Team. In 2018 she represented the United States at the Pyeongchang Paralympic Games and took home a silver medal in Banked Slalom.

“I lost my leg but gained my life.”

                        -Brittani Coury

Team USA

Belinda Sousa 

Pirate Adventures Group

Belinda Sousa is one of the first international interviews from Global Sisterhood Network. Originally from Norway, she has lived her life across the globe discovering what makes her happy. Currently she is launching an immersive theme park in the Caribbean. Pirate themed, filled with rides, theatrics, music, and songs. This has been a dream 11 ½ years in the making and is finally coming to fruition. Construction should begin this summer in the Dominican Republic, and be completed by 2021.

Her message: don’t be intimidated or apologize for having big ideas and chasing them. Life should be about doing fun things and having a great time!


Pirate Adventures

CampExperience – Global Sisterhood Network

Betsy Wiersma – Founder

CampExperience has been expanding its global footprint in 2019. Global Sisterhood Network launched and Betsy Wiersma has been traveling the world to discover dynamic and empowering women, bringing them into the camp world to share their stories with us. Recently back from a trip to Sydney, Australia Betsy met with 6 remarkable women, striving to make an impact in their respective fields and communities.

While there she was also able to cross a major event off her bucket list, climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge. Towering 440 feet above the harbor and requiring 1,300 steps to get to the top she made the climb to raise money for Camp Wapiyapi of Colorado. In total raising $3,200.00.

Videos of all these women will be featured Thought Leaders on the Global Sisterhood Network page. Visit the website to hear theirs and many more incredible stories. Global Sisterhood Network



Camp Wapiyapi

Fostering Fun & Friendship: Healing Outside of the Hospital

Rhonda Sheya – Director of Marketing & Development

Started by University of Colorado medical students in 1998, Camp Wapiyapi offers healing outside of the hospital for children facing pediatric cancer. It is a special place where “kids get to just be kids again” – at no cost to their families. Patients and siblings are invited to camp to recapture the delight and spontaneity of being childlike; something that cancer has stolen from them.

2019 camp sessions are June 3rd -8th and June 10th-15th at Quaker Ridge Camp in Woodland Park, CO. Volunteers and back up volunteers are still needed for both sessions. To learn about how you can become a volunteer visit Camp Wapiyapi’s Volunteer Page, unable to volunteer? There are many ways you can still give back; on the website is a donation page where you can donate money or supplies needed for camp activities.


Camp Wapiyapi
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