Episode 18 | May 11, 2019 | Making a Difference

Dr. Mark Murray | Angela Carlson | Anna Marie Jones 

— Episode 18 is about making a difference. May brings attention to so many great causes that are near and dear to us on Boost Power Radio and our Charity Partners; it is Stroke Awareness Month & Foster Care Awareness Month. Dr. Mark Murray from Centura Health changed his career path from a medical researcher to a practicing neurologist after family and friends experienced medical challenges related to strokes. Learn what to do if suspect someone is having a stroke. Anna Marie Jones joins Rhonda to discuss her career in social work and shine a light on Bridging the Gap, a program that is supporting youth in the child welfare system around Denver. Angela Carlson is back with us bringing her positive and upbeat spirit that she gives everyday to Reb3l Fit. Reb3l Fitness is so much more than a workout program, it’s a community of like-minded people working together to achieve personal goals and give back at the same time.

Dr. Mark Murray, MD, PhD

Centura Health Physician Group – Neuroscience & Spine

Saint Anthony’s North Health Campus

May is national Stroke Awareness Month; did you know that less than 30% of Americans can name 1 sign or symptom of a stroke? Dr. Mark Murray and Centura Health are working hard to change that figure by increasing awareness around strokes and what can be done to help treat and prevent them. Always think BE FAST: Balance, Eyes, Face, Arms, Speech, & Time. If you notice in yourself or in someone else changes in function or ability to any of those areas seek out medical help in a timely manor. Many stroke complications can be helped or reversed if treated in enough time.

(303) 925-4060

CHPG Neuroscience & Spine

Angela Carlson

Reb3l Fitness

Reclaim · Renew · Reshape

Angela Carlson shares her story on how Reb3l Fitness, a female-founded fitness program, grew out of an amazing friendship and the desire to help others find and stay on their path to better physical and mental health. Reb3l Fitness is challenging the status quo with their energetic and upbeat workouts focused on a healthy lifestyle, good feelings, and self-confidence—all in a convenient online platform with easy access from wherever your busy life takes you.


Reb3l Fitness

Anna Marie Jones

Mile High United Way

Bridging the Gap

Anna Marie Jones has been working as a life coach for Mile High United Way Bridging the Gap program since its inception. With a master’s degree in social work and a background in education she has brought her years of experience to the table to help youth transition out of the child welfare system. Bridging the Gap focus on youth age 18-24, providing supportive services to them as they navigate new challenges of adulthood. Upon leaving the welfare system most do not have the support system of a family or social network and are more likely to face crime, violence, and poverty – putting them at risk of becoming homeless. Life coaches at Bridging the Gap aim to become that supportive system for these young people.


Bridging the Gap
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