Episode 20 | June 8, 2019 | Growing, Learning, & Living

Renae Morrish | Krista Igoe | Casey Burnette

— Episode 20 is a spotlight on three incredible women, all sharing their stories about Growing, Learning, & Living. Renae Morrish joins this weeks host Betsy Wiersma & Gina Schreck to discuss her path in the financial industry that began over 30 years ago. Helping others grow, develop, and create success became her calling and she has carried that torch throughout her career at New York Life. Krista Igoe shares her path to becoming a Reiki master; how she uses it to help others and how you can also use the tools yourself in everyday life. Casey Burnette opens up about her life, and shares with us the daily struggles of coping with mental illness. Her diagnosis at young age affected her and her family in significant ways, but recently she has transitioned into a new phase of life and has begun a new approach to her health and well-being.

Renae Morrish

New York Life

· Your Success is Our Passion ·

Renae’s Personal Mission Statement:

“I stand for the possibility for visionary achievement and success.My commitment is to empower you to create opportunities and success by giving you knowledge, discernment and tangible skills so you can fulfill your dreams. I believe that abundance is ours if our determination to succeed is strong enough. The asset of yours I value most is your heart! I achieve personal fulfillment by seeing those I touch succeed.”


New York Life – Colorado

Krista Igoe

Revive with Reiki

· Reiki Master ·

Born & raised on Long Island, NY. Krista has reinvented herself each decade of her life; from executive secretary in engineering, budget and sales administrative work, customer service manager, real estate relocation, and now to healing. Healing is what currently drives her; being with people and studying them is as much hobby for her as her sewing and quilting.

For over 27 years she studied different healing techniques and energy work, becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher in 2009. She continues to grow with this energy and find daily rewards with it’s amazing powers. She is the owner of Karigo Healing Arts in Centennial Colorado and sponsor of the CampExperience Network. Krista’s Mission is to help heal our planet one person, one hart at a time through the practice and teaching of Reiki. 


Revive with Reiki
Karigo Healing Arts

Casey Burnette


Current · Consign · Caboodle

Helping people has always been a calling for Casey; she began her career working with boys, ages 12-17, who had been incarcerated. She took them out into the wilderness to learn life and survival skills, while helping them move into a more productive future; and before her 30th birthday decided to join the Peace Corp. After traveling for a while after the Corp. ended it was time to come back the U.S. and begin a new journey. This brought her to the world of re-sell.

What drew her to opening her store were the women she found consistently around the consignment world. It was a community of women who were supportive and it became a network of friendships and camaraderie. Giving back is important to Casey and currently there are 2 programs that FATE makes donations to, Second Wind Fund & Mental Health Colorado. Both are aimed at helping people cope with mental illness and break down the stigmas associated with it, something very close to Casey. As a young girl she was diagnosed with Bi-Polar disorder and after many years of managing she decided to seek more help. Consulting with new doctors, finding new medications, and being open and honest with family and friends has allowed to her to move into a brighter more balanced place.

If you or someone you know could use help with any Mental Health struggles visit https://www.mentalhealthcolorado.org/help/

(303) 843-9956

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