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Dr. William Lee | Ingrid Pyka 

— Episode 21 brings our host back together at last! Rhonda and Betsy have been busy doing good work around their communities and across the globe, taking them out of the studio at various times over the last 2 months. Betsy has been expanding the global footprint of her recently launched Global Sisterhood Network. This time she was traveling in Iceland, Norway, and Sweeden; where she was joined by the executive director of GSN, Carol Caulkins, and a few CampE sisters. Tune in to future Boost Power Radio episodes or visit the Global Sisterhood Network to hear these incredible stories.

Rhonda has been busy keeping up with all the kids at Camp Wapiyapi. We have been talking about this amazing program that supports kids with pediatric cancer for a while now, and the time finally came for the 2019 sessions. Earlier this month Rhonda was leading adventures and activity sessions for the almost 200 kids that attended, all at no costs to their families.

Joining our hosts is Dr. William Lee of Age Management Solutions, they have been an incredible partner/sponsor of CampExpereince. Dr. Lee is a founder of the practice and his main focus is of course “age management”, but what does that look like. It is different for everyone, and there is something for everyone at Age Management. Dr. Lee and all the doctors there want to help you live a vibrant and healthy lifestyle throughout the aging process.

Ingrid Pyka is back with our hosts, after some technical issues last time, to share her vision of success in business and what that looks like moving ahead with younger generations entering the workforce. Plus she is about to launch a companion workbook to her already successful book, “Stop! Step Back & Grow”.

Dr. William Lee

Age Management Solutions

After working as an OB/GYN for more than 40 years and delivering over 6,000 babies, William H. Lee, MD, made a transition to age management. He takes a holistic approach to care and focuses on anti-aging and conditions that affect the brain and heart.

Dr. Lee developed a keen interest in hormone therapy, osteoporosis, and cancer following medical school after his mother suffered from complications related to a compression fracture from her severe osteoporosis. Some years later, while looking for answers to his son’s autism, Dr. Lee’s focus broadened to include functional medicine, pushing him to complete the strenuous course, “Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice.” He then became board certified in both age management medicine and anti-aging medicine. His studies broadened his knowledge of nutrition, supplementation, and exercise, which are major components of his treatment plans. He is dedicated to his profession and sharing his knowledge with other medical professionals, and has given many lectures on bioidentical hormones and taught a class at The Institute for Integrative Medicine.



Age Management Solutions

Ingrid Pyka 

IBP Consulting Services

Hand-selected as one of Denver’s Top Business Consultants and TEDx Speaker, Dr. Ingrid Pyka is a veterinarian turned executive consultant. It is her passion to empower entrepreneurs, authors and business teams to fulfill their visions. Ingrid is a multi-award winning publisher & author and now speaks on international stages implementing effective marketing and helping inspire business owners and sales agents with powerful business growth strategies.

She also produces many educational & entertainment events designed for real-life applications. Next March she is hosting an intimate business transformation retreat in Iceland – which does still have some openings (only 8 people get to go)! Connect over email or on Facebook to reserve your spot.


Facebook – IBP Consulting Services
Ingrid’s Website

Global Sisterhood Network 

Betsy Wiersma – Founder

Carol Caulkins – Executive Director

Global Sisterhood Network launched in 2019 as a continuation of CampExpereince, and as of the end of June, the network has been to 7 countries. Betsy Wiersma has been traveling the world to discover dynamic and empowering women, and bring them into the camp world to share their stories.

At the end of May, Betsy and Carol ventured to Iceland, Norway, and Sweeden. They were able to meet with 13 remarkable women who are striving to make an impact in their respective fields and communities.Videos of these women will be featured as Thought Leaders on the Global Sisterhood Network page and here on Boost Power Radio.

Visit the website to hear these and many more incredible stories. Also, learn how you can become apart of the sisterhood. Fall Camp Retreat is coming up in September and is a great way to make connections with like-minded women while doing good and having fun!

Global Sisterhood Dashboard
CampExperience Fall Retreat

Camp Wapiyapi

Fostering Fun & Friendship: Healing Outside of the Hospital

Rhonda Sheya – Director of Marketing & Development

Started by University of Colorado medical students in 1998, Camp Wapiyapi offers healing outside of the hospital for children facing pediatric cancer. It is a special place where “kids get to just be kids again” – at no cost to their families. Patients and siblings are invited to camp to recapture the delight and spontaneity of being childlike; something that cancer has stolen from them.

2019 camp sessions just ended and our host, Rhonda, was up there the entire 2 weeks having fun and leading adventures with the kids! Betsy was able to join in on the fun as well and lead several craft activities with them.

What’s coming up next?  Fundraising never stops, and they are already looking ahead to next years goals. Visit their website to learn about the many ways you can become a donor and see how you can participate in the exciting events that are coming up.

Camp Wapiyapi Scramble: August 23, 2019, @ 7 pm – Antler Creek Golf Course 

Campfire & Cocktails: September 26, 2019, Time TBD – Wellshire Event Center

Camp Wapiyapi
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