Episode 23 | July 20, 2019 | You Thought You Knew…

Dr. Mark DeBrincat | Carolyn Pelloux | Gretchen Gagel 

—Episode 23 is all about the “Good News”! Susan Frew is visiting Boost Power Radio again, but this time as co-host with Betsy. Joining them is Dr. Mark DeBrincat & Carolyn Pellow. With a special Sister Stories video of Gretchen Gagel from our partners at, Global Sisterhood Network.  

Dr. Mark DeBrincat shares part of his journey in medicine; both his career as a chiropractor and the traumatic incident that left him in a wheelchair for many years and how his resiliency and introduction to alternative medicine therapies transformed his life.

Carolyn Pelloux has been practicing law for 20 years and specializes in all aspects of Family Law, Criminal Defense, DUI, and Juvenile Law. Her office is predicated on the belief that client’s needs are paramount, and she is dedicated to the practicing law with empathy and compassion towards her clients.

Gretchen Gagel is a global expert on leadership, team strategy, and organizational agility. Gretchen is currently lecturing to post-graduate students at the University of Denver and the Australian National University. She develops and teaches courses on leadership and ethics, change and agility, strategic human resource management, evidence-based management, and team performance.

Tune in to hear them share their stories! 

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