Episode 24 | August 3, 2019 | You Can!

Roweena Naidoo | Tahverlee Anglen | Marina Passalaris 

—Episode 23 is centered around You Can! Each of our guests has persevered through personal struggles to find success and their voice. They now find themselves dedicated to lifting others up, hear their stories below and be inspired.

Roweena Naido

Mile High United Way & The Blossom Project 

· What Happens Here Will Change The World ·

Roweena Naidoo is the Senior Director of Policy and Impact Investing at Mile High United Way. In partnership with community organizations, her work focuses on moving people out of poverty. Roweena leads the organization’s policy initiatives to remove barriers and create pathways to success for children, youth and families. She also oversees Mile High United Way’s community investments.

Roweena is the founder and executive director of The Blossom Project. Here, she invests in the leadership of girls: amplifying their voices, inspiring them to address systems of inequity and guiding them to drive social change.

Roweena received her Master of Public Administration degree at Baruch College, Graduate School of Public Affairs, in New York. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts – Honors degree, in Political Science from the University of Natal, in her home town of Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.

— Roweena.Naidoo@unitedwaydenver.org —

Instagram: @time2blossom

Linked in: @roweenanaidoo

The Blossom Project
Mile High United Way

Taverlee Anglen

Corporate Cause Agency 

· Because doing good, is good for business  ·

Tahverlee Anglen has spent her career working with nonprofits to develop meaningful programs that have significant impact in our communities and business in a wide array of industries. She has developed and implemented projects from small community organizations, to international trade programs, through partnership development and collaboration. She is a true change-maker at heart!

This is her passion and she brings it to every aspect of her life. You will find her volunteering, advocating and standing behind meaningful organizations that move the needle toward positive change. When not putting plans in place to change the world, you can find her teaching Krav Maga, or training in strength sports (Strongman) and is a mom to two kiddos and one furry baby.

— tahverlee@gmail.com —

Instagram: @taverlee   —   Linked in: @taverleeanglen

Corporate Cause Agency

Marina Passalaris 

Beautiful Minds

· Leading Provider of Self Esteem & Confindence for Teens ·

Marina Passalaris is an Author of two best-selling books for teens, has a certificate IV in training and assessment, is a qualified Mental Health trainer, Dale Carnegie presenter, suicide prevention educator, and an Ambassador for GIFT International. In 2018 she was nominated for Australian of the Year. In 2017, Beautiful Minds won the Westpac Bank 200 Business of Tomorrow award, awarded to the top 200 companies in Australia.

She has received both national and international press for the success of her business and impact she has on the community. Beautiful Minds tackles the tough topics, bringing them to light so our youth feel empowered, educated and supported throughout their often-challenging journey of being a teenager. Marina and her team of 65 expert educators deliver workshops to thousands of Australian teens and adults each year. In 2019 Beautiful Minds will be available worldwide through a series of online programs and regular events hosted in Australia and the United States.

— Marina@beautifulminds.com.au —

Instagram: @beautifulminds

Facebook: @beautifulmindsau

Beautiful Minds
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