Episode 09 | December 22, 2018 | Holiday Cheer

Susan Frew | Julie Geller

— Episode 9 is focused on holiday cheer; it is our final show of 2018 and there are some uplifting messages and music we are sharing with you. Susan Frew, a successful public speaker and business owner shares her strategies for accomplishing and achieving her goals as well as how her strategies can help you! Betsy Wiersma talks about visioning for 2019, as a fun and exciting exercise to help you focus on your goals for the New Year. Renowned local musician Julie Geller shares with us her inspiring work connecting women through live music and stories; find the Magic of You!

Julie Geller

Singer / Songwriter

· The Magic of You ·

Julie Geller is a sought-after performer and public speaker.  She has performed throughout North America and Israel as a solo performer and with her band. Her lyric-driven songs are filled with honesty, clarity, and most of all, hope. ;if music is the heart of what Julie does, then storytelling is the soul.  By telling the stories of her own life – her successes and failures – as well as the stories behind her songs, there is a recognition of our shared humanity.  

“It’s the sheer joy of creating, the exuberance of expressing something about being alive. Art moves us when it is real, not when it’s perfect. That’s what I focus on . . . getting to what’s most real.”  – Julie Geller 


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Susan Frew

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