Episode 01 | September 1, 2018

Labor Day

Tracy Jones, MD | Carol Calkins, PhD

Listen to the Labor Day 2018 launch of Boost Power Radio with hosts Betsy Wiersma and Rhonda Sheya.

First up is their Good Works segment and an interview with Tracy Jones, MD Obstetrics & Gynecology, on the innovative “Boutique Birthing” at St Anthony North Health Campus. The family-centered “Birth-By-Design” program offers birthing moms natural, patient-directed care in a supportive environment while also providing the most advanced medical care available. Hear about rooming in for moms and dads, anti-anxiety treatments for labor and labor coaching from professional Doulas.

Then, Betsy and Rhonda tell their listeners WHY NOW is the right time to bring listeners a radio show about Good Works, Good News, and Good Times.

In their Good News segment, the hosts talk with Carol Calkins Ph.D. about good choices for life’s transitions. Hear Carol’s story about retiring as a corporate executive to follow her labor of love as a poet. Carol’s good choice led to five published books. Want to connect with the dynamic women you’ll hear on Boost Power Radio? Betsy and Rhonda’s Good Times segment will plug you into women’s organizations and events throughout the region.

Tracy Jones, MD
Tracy Jones, MDOB/GYN
Carol Calkins, PhD
Carol Calkins, PhDAuthor | Poet
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